Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ecuador (delayed) Live Blog

Well I've been to Ecuador and back again.

It was an incredible trip on all accounts. In order to both preserve and share as much of the experience as possible with those of you that may care, I'm going to to be posting a blog or two for each day. To preserve a sense of time and hopefully not overwhelm, I will be posting updates "as they happen", but delayed a couple weeks, so to speak. They will start on a Friday and correspond with the subsequent 9 or so days that the trip took. The posts are meant to be read as they are posted, but will also serve as a chronicle of the trip as a whole if the reader would prefer to read them all in succession. I will do my best to convey my observations and insights as they were, providing a view through my eyes for a few days.

Let me know what questions come up as the posts start rolling and I'll address them as best I can. I am excited to share this incredible journey with you all!

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